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Let's Hear Some of the SUCCESS Stories!

Research Nurse

"Irina has been a great coach. She has convinced me to try so many new things. The overall benefit from time working with Irina is that I am feeling better mentally and physically. Irina has been the most positive and relentlessly supportive person I know."

Maria T.

Health Advisor

"Irina is very spiritual, and cares about the body, the soul, and the mind. Working with Irina, I learned that I am addicted to salt and oils. Irina helped me to prioritize what is important in my life. She is a lot of fun and supportive. I enjoyed the balance between the physical and the emotional."

Flavia C.

Health Specialist

"I was suffering from fibromyalgia, so I searched for a support group. I joined Irina's program, and was pleasantly surprised very quickly. I found it easy to abandon my eating habits, replacing junk food with healthier choices. My energy level increased, I became more active and started to sleep better. This had a positive effect on my lifestyle. Now I function better during the day; this helped me so much!"


Cancer Patient

I started chemotherapy in 2019. Doctors do not give me any other options. Steroids caused me to gain a lot of weight, but since working with Irina, my markers went down and I lost 45 pounds. Before working with Irina, I had very little energy. Now I sing and dance through the house, I can do yardwork and gardening. The pain in my ribs has gone. My neuropathy has mostly disappeared. I would recommend Irina to others who are undergoing challenges.

Tammy K.

Financial Advisor

Irina is very caring, and also very flexible. Meals don't require a lot of weird ingredients and don't require a lot of prep time. I love the experience of working with Irina.

Cassie F.

Writer, Entrepreneur

I have successfully gone off of coffee, I am not having flour and sugar. My general clarity has improved, and I don't need energy boosters. Irina has taught me how to "listen to my body". Irina is very encouraging, flexible, and knowledgable. I would definitely recommend Irina.

Deborah S.


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