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I am a holistic health coach. My book, "My Mess is My Message" is a #1 Amazon bestseller. You can order it by clicking on this link.

I am trained in clinical Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture, and Holistic Health Coaching. Over the last 17 years, I have treated and helped thousands of people, improving their health and wellness.

And, I’m here to kickstart your health journey.

I used to think I was a “reasonably” healthy eater; someone who didn’t do too badly in the food department. But I was wrong and when my Mom developed cancer and I was caring for her, I developed pancreatitis from all the stress. I had IBS GI issues with bloating, bleeding and ulcerations. I was in absolute agony AND my weight was skyrocketing. It was horrible!

What made things even worse, was all the pills that my doctors prescribed did NOTHING to help me! But, I never lost hope. I knew that there was an answer to all my health problems out there...I just needed to find it!

Applying the concept of body-mind connection using Chinese Medicine, and nutrition, I went to work on myself. I used food as medicine. Today, using this healing method, I help transform the lives of others.

And guess what happened? 

I felt amazing! I lost weight, I reduced my bloating and bleeding, my cholesterol and triglyceride levels dropped, my energy level, sleep and mood went through the roof! 

And, most importantly, today my daily routines are filled with good habits, boosted my health and state of mind. 

Today I am so excited to offer you this FREE guide:

"7 Secrets to Kick Your Sugar Addictions”

Because, now is your chance to take back your health, control your cravings and leave “the sugar monster” in the dust! The information will help you to boost your immune health, lose weight, and decrease joint pain.

You deserve to be healthy, happy and sugar-free! 

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Because, my dear, you are sweet enough already!

Love and Light,

--Your Acudoc Health Coach Irina

"Daily routines filled with good habits, boost your health and state of mind."


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