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I have a wonderful offer for people ages 35-65 who feel completely out of control around sugar, and have been trying to stop their binges, overwhelming cravings, and compulsions around sugar for the last 10 to 30+ years.

We work together intensively in a 28-Day Group Reset Program on the following things:

We help you to remove your food rules, and shift the focus to re-training you physiologically and emotionally around the foods and eating situations you’re afraid of. This reprogramming process allows you to eat what you truly want without fear of spiraling out of control.

We train you to take the “trigger” out of “trigger foods” (the foods you think you shouldn’t eat because one bite will spiral into a binge.) We retrain your physical reaction around trigger foods, and help you develop awareness of what’s going on from an “observer” perspective, like a scientist, so we can help you make internal shifts around these foods.

We help you to release judgmental, self-sabotaging, and “beating yourself up” type of thoughts, without you having to fight them, distract yourself from them, or push them away. This completely eliminates the “Screw it, I’ll just start again tomorrow,” mentality and encourages progress over perfection.

We train you to make all this your new “normal.” Core techniques are taught in the first few weeks, allowing you to experience significantly more freedom right away, and then we have the space to focus on deeper levels of practice and mastery, until normal eating feels natural to you. Just like riding a bike, the wobbly parts get taken care of through simple practice.

This freedom-centered program includes 28 days of attentively organized, specially tailored materials with precise instructions for your weekly and daily practices. You also receive deeply-customized support in the form of twice-weekly live small group calls, carefully-planted 1:1 sessions, and unlimited HelpDesk support from us to help you through every step of the process.

To support you through the process, you get the following transformative format:

• 3 live 1:1 calls
• 8 in-depth assignments w/feedback
• 2x per week custom-tailored group calls
• On-line modules (yours to keep forever)
• 2 free live calls per month even after you’ve completed the course

In order to be a good candidate, the following must be true:

• Sugar addiction is the #1 hurdle in your life that you are trying to overcome right now and you don’t have serious medical issues, YET.

• You are intelligent, creative, resilient, and are tired of messing around with destructive patterns and behaviors. In fact, you have been feeling baffled about how you could’ve beaten other addictions and this sugar thing is still haunting you.

•You have a solid spiritual belief system (even if it doesn’t feel like it’s working sometimes), love nature, are a decision-maker, and want to get moving physically and in life.

The price for this offer is in the 3-figure range, and still markedly below the 5-figure binge eating costs per year in food alone (this isn’t factoring in the cost of poor health, low confidence, and effects on relationships and happiness). If interested in this offer, just book a call with me for a quick chat:

We will chat back and forth a bit and see if this is a fit for you.

I have a magical offer for highly intelligent, creative, spiritual women who have conquered alcohol and/or drug addiction and are devastated to find themselves turning to sugar to cope and want to halt binge and emotional eating, the transfer of addictions, balance metabolism (yes, weight loss goes hand in hand) and learn to handle life’s challenges with confidence, self-worth, love, and resilience.

We work together for 28 days on the following things:

•I help you to be FULLY present in your body as we prepare you to receive the answers from your psyche that we cover in the program.

•I show you how to have better boundaries and how poor boundaries perpetuate sugar addiction.

•I show you at least 2 processes so that you can question the thoughts and beliefs that are driving your behavior, such as, “I can’t stop,” “I’m not worthy,” or “I should be stronger.”

•Then I teach you a 6-step system of responding with mental strength and CONFIDENCE; you stop those sugar impulses in their tracks.

•I teach you the magical method for tuning into the messages your body is giving you about your needs instead of numbing out with ice cream or pizza binges. (this really is magic wand stuff and not intuitive eating!)

•I teach you to read your emotions so you know what NEEDS they are expressing. What that means; you know what your emotions tell you instead of masking them or making yourself wrong, which is what you’ve been doing.

•I help you to select the spiritual practices that allow you to hear and connect to the INNER VOICE of intuition and God and know what is right for you instead of covering that up with sugar and other distractions.

•Gentle, supportive, Trauma-Informed Restorative Yoga is a practice that we use throughout the course for assisting the removal of events and stories held in the body that are driving the way you behave around sugar. This means you’ll be doing the simplest of postures while you implement a NEW YOU.


When most of our clients first come to us, they’re eating an average of at least $10 to $15 of “extra” food per day. This saves them an average of $4000 - 6,000 per year (most of our clients have at least 20-50 years of life left, which offers the opportunity for them to save upwards of at least $100,000 - $300,000 on just food alone.)

This figure does not include the potentially larger savings of medical expenses, medications, weight loss programs, diet plans, clothing of various sizes, diet supplements, diet books, therapy, surgeries, sick days and time taken off work, being forced into early retirement due to health concerns, etc.

Given that the cost of an average residential eating disorder center in the United States was $30,000 per month in 2010, and often recommends at least 3 months of treatment, that amounts to $90,000 plus the expenses of missing at least three months of work. (And even with exceptional health insurance, will likely only cover the first month of treatment.)

Considering the client results we see each day, we believe our intensive is far more effective and sustainable, and so far we’ve been able to keep the investment slightly under five figures, without the added expenses of having to miss work or take a trip.

Even though just one of these benefits makes this transformation well-worth the investment, our dedicated clients often get to experience at least several of these advantages as positive side effects of their newfound freedom (their favorites are often the ones we listed in #1.)

If this offer calls to you, and you’re ready to heal your relationship with food, just you’re most welcome to reach out via PM, and we'll have a quick chat to see if it's a fit for you.


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